Virtual Yoga 

On-Demand | Live 

Deepen your practice at home; enjoy unlimited videos on-demand, live weekly yoga & Pilates classes & special weekly events including tutorials, workshops and guided meditations. 

Our video library of pre-recorded content is available 24 hours a day from your phone, laptop or tablet device.

Updated regularly, the library includes a diverse mix of yoga, Pilates & meditation sessions for all abilities. 

Sessions vary from 5 minute tutorials to 30/40/50 minute classes; all reflecting the our strong Daily Bread ethos of personality & professionalism. 

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Start from where you are. 

Many of our videos are aimed at the new Yogi.

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Less is More

No fuss. Just you and your mat. Perfect for when you're short on time.

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Feel good! Nourish your mind and body from the inside out with our range of healing practices.


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Videos 24/7 in your own home; fit your practice around your life 

Connect with other Yogis with our daily interactive Live group classes 

Maintain your physical, mental & emotional wellbeing whilst at home 

Grow and try new aspects of your practice, it's all part of your membership! 

Liver Detoxification Yoga with Bex Jones

Available now on the video library

Whole Body Pilates with Annie Hinckley

Available now on the video library



We are really proud to partner with Mindbody to bring you both our online studio & live stream classes. 

To access our live stream classes simply book like you would a regular timetabled class (for our live timetable click here ). You can choose to pay for a £5 single class pass or access all live classes as part of a monthly Online Membership (to purchase click here )

You can also book & manage your live classes via the Mindbody mobile app - to download the app click here

You will receive a link to the live stream 30 MINUTES before the class start time. Bookings made within 30 minutes of the start time will receive the link within 2/3 minutes. 

Please ensure that your contact information is up to date to ensure you receive the email successfully. 

For more information about our virtual classes, please email or call 07932 987 680
We are proud to be partnering with MINDBODY UK to bring you our On-Demand & Live Streamed classes.