Pre & Post Natal Yoga

Our Pregnancy yoga & Postnatal Yoga and Baby Massage classes are designed to nurture mum and baby throughout the pregnancy journey and beyond in to motherhood. 

"As a new mother myself, I truly understand how vital movement, mindfulness and deep connection are. Our needs may change as we progress through the various stages of pregnancy and motherhood, but all throughout the benefits of a regular yoga practice are immense. This is more than exercise, this is an opportunity to slow down, connect with our babies and nurture ourselves on every level as we navigate this precious time."


Mother Smiling With Newborn Baby


Postnatal Yoga & Baby Massage - 90 minute classes





Prenatal Yoga & Relaxation - 90 minute classes 



These are more than exercise classes, they are an opportunity to nourish yourself physically and emotionally while you do the incredibly demanding job of growing and raising a little human! 

Pregnancy yoga

The journey starts here. Our classes are designed around offering gentle movement to release tension and ease aches and pains, mindful relaxation, light education and birth preparation. 

Postnatal Yoga & Baby Massage

Spend some quality time with your new sidekick whilst you connect with other new mums. We will be blending relaxation (for mum and baby) with gentle movement to strengthen and create greater stability from within. 

Both classes are a leisurely and relaxed 90 minutes. 


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