What is reiki?

Reiki works by balancing the energies of the seven chakras, creating harmony between the mind and body. It aims to relieve stress and assist the body's natural ability to heal itself.


Reiki is a non-invasive healing therapy that can be used alongside most other treatment types. Some clients report feeling very peaceful after a session, others feel revitalised and full of energy. 

The Reiki experience is different for everyone.

Reiki with Laura Bartlett 

My name is Laura Bartlett, I am a mother of 3 beautiful little people and a wife with a positive outlook on life. They all give me the motivation and strength to make positive and healthy changes to mine and my family’s lives. I am a passionate Reiki Practitioner. I love to help people by transferring life energy to a person and increasing their well-being, restoring balance and improving health. Balancing of the mind, body and soul.


Reiki healing complements many medicinal therapies and traditional medicine. It can be used to help assist in the healing of people suffering from stress and anxiety, depression. Promotes pain relief and can ease muscle tension. It can strengthen the immune system & promotes deep relaxation.


The type of Reiki that I practise is the Usui System of Natural Healing. It was discovered in the early 1920’s by Dr. Usui. I help people to be the best version of themselves, from the inside out. To guide them to strengthen and balance their health and improve general wellbeing as a Lifestyle Mentor.


I am also a Classic Individual Lash Technician, Skincare Consultant and Nutrition Advisor.

to book your reiki session with laura email info@dailybreadyoga.com or call 01527 570 800

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Bromsgrove, UK