Added 15.07.2020 

The following amendments to our operations have been drawn up in light of new Government guidelines relating to our industry and will be in force with effect from Saturday 25th July 2020. 


Please adhere to social distancing at all times. 

Hand sanitiser will be offered on entry and exit of the Studio, please use them. 


Max participants in class is now 8 persons. 

Please use the designated spaces for mats and personal belongings


We are unable to lend any equipment out, please bring your own mat as a minimum. You can purchase mats, blocks, straps etc from our store at very reasonable prices. 


Please bring as little personal property as you can – we advise wearing slip on/off shoes. Where possible, bring personal items in a small bag/purse/pouch. 

No mobile phones are permitted in the Studio.


The booking window has been amended to 7 days; our cancellation window is now 2 days, this is to maximise the use of our reduced capacity. 


There will be a 30 min gap between all classes to allow for movement of people, cleaning & ventilation. 


We will be operating a one-way system throughout the building; please enter through the main front door. 


We are unable to allow waiting inside the Studio. The door will be unlocked 10 mins before the class start time; please either wait outside or in your car as we cannot allow you in until the room is ready. 


No changing in the studio, we also encourage you to use the bathroom at home and not here. Use of the bathroom here is at your own risk. 


We are now a cashless Studio


If you or any of your household are experiencing a persistent cough, fever or loss of taste/smell them please do not enter the Studio. 


If you are contacted by UK Track & Trace and have been in to the Studio in the last 14 days, please tell us immediately


These changes sound extensive & serious which they are, but we are committed to maintaining a relaxing, nurturing space for our members to enjoy and unwind. 

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