Class Terms & Conditions


If at any time during the class, you feel discomfort or strain, gently come out of the posture. You may rest at any time during the class. It is important in yoga that you listen to your body, and respect its limits on any given day.


I [FullName] understand that I am taking part in physical activity class and with that, there is an acknowledgement of risk associated. 


I agree to the terms below.

1.I understand that yoga is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis, or treatment. I should consult a physician prior to beginning any activity program. I recognise that it is my responsibility to notify my teacher of any serious illness or injury before every yoga class. I will not perform any postures to the extent of strain or pain.

2. I assume full and complete responsibility for any injury or accident which could occur during a class or while I am on the premises. I accept that neither the instructor, nor the hosting facility, is liable for any injury, or damages, to person or property, resulting from the taking of the class. Should I bring non-members in to the premises, whether that is to participate in a class or remain in communal areas, Daily Bread Yoga will assume no responsibility for these people whilst they are on site.

3. Should I be experiencing ongoing illnesses or injuries I have sought sound medical advice before beginning any physical activity with Daily Bread Yoga Ltd and should I incur future injuries or illnesses, I will endeavour to update Daily Bread Yoga Ltd before participating in any activities. Daily Bread Yoga Ltd is not responsible for updating my records regarding injuries and/or illnesses unless I request these be updated.


4. If signing this liability on behalf of a minor of 16 year or below, I fully accept and adhere to the terms and liabilities on their behalf. I understand the risks associated in taking part in such activity as a minor and are happy for this minor to remain my responsibility in relation to their behaviour and adherence to Daily Bread Yoga's policies and procedures. 


5. Barring its legal liability, Daily Bread Yoga Ltd shall not be responsible or financially liable for any accidents and/or illness suffered or for loss of property, suffered by the participant or caused by the General Public.


6. I grant my permission to use photographs, motion pictures, recordings, or any other record of my participation for any legitimate purpose without remuneration.


7. I agree to the terms set out in the Daily Bread Yoga GDPR & Privacy Policies. (Full policy information can be found at )


Cancellation Policy:

Grace period to cancel a booking without penalty: 2 hours from booking time 

Cancellation window for classes: 4 hours prior to class start time


Cancellations within 4 hours of the class start time or 'no shows' will be noted as a 'late cancellation' and therefore charged.



Arrivals after the class start time will not be permitted entry to the class and will be charged.

Purchase Policy:

By making any booking or completing an order you confirm you have read and accepted our terms and conditions and understand our cancellation policy.

Terms & Conditions:

Should you be experiencing a fever, persistent cough and/or a loss of taste & smell; please do not attend the studio. Speak to management regarding over-riding our traditional cancellation window.

Should you or anyone you live with test positive for Covid-19, please let us know immediately - especially if you have entered the premises or had contact with any teaching staff and/or members in the last 7 days.

Maximum capacity for any group class is 12 participants. We provide a transparent booking system online and in person; anyone attending a class who has not booked in advance will be asked to leave should the class size be exceeded.

A socially distanced queuing system will be created outside and our doors will be unlocked 10 minutes before your class is due to start.

We strongly recommend that all clients arrive 10 minutes before their scheduled class start time. Should you arrive after the scheduled start time you will not be permitted to join the class and will not be offered a refund. This is so as to not disturb the class once started.

Masks are optional and at the discretion of the individual when moving around the building. These may be removed when on your mat and during practice.

We encourage all clients to bring their own equipment (mats, straps, bolsters, blocks and blankets etc) - as a minimum please bring a mat.

Due to the nature of the studio, we cannot guarantee that the reception will be manned at all times.

From time to time we may have to lock the front door to ensure the safety & security of the building.


Return / Refund:

No-show classes and bookings within the stated cancellation window will not be refunded.


Refunds will also not be available in instances where the client arrives later than the class start time and are unable to join the class


Events, workshops and/or retreats impacted by the coronavirus restrictions will be rescheduled for a future date and will not be cancelled.

Privacy Policy:

We respect your privacy and will always store your details securely, in accordance with the laws relating to data protection.

We will never sell your information to a third party or give your information to other organisations to use for marketing purposes, and we’ll only share it with others if required to do so by law.

By using this site, you agree to the terms of the Daily Bread Yoga’s privacy policy. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this site.

We shall keep information that personally identifies you or allows us to contact you (“Personal Information”) confidential. Except as expressly provided, any non-personal information or material given to Daily Bread Yoga will be deemed not to be confidential.

We receive, collect and store securely any information you enter on our website or provide us in any other way.

To view our full GDPR and Privacy Policy, please visit the Daily Bread website where you will find further detailed information.

Daily Bread Yoga Ltd reserves the right to change and amend our Liability Release and/or Terms & Conditions without notice.