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Relax & Release Yoga 

Relaxing | Lengthening | Calming | Introspective | Nourishing | Grounding

Leave your day behind and enjoy a deeply nourishing practice to relax your body and mind.


Relax & Release combines gentle movement, breath work and relaxation techniques, encouraging you to let go of thoughts & worries in order to embrace peace, calm and acceptance of the moment. 

 The class is designed to relax both your body, and your mind; lengthen and release tight muscles.


Any one can take part in this class and modifications to all poses will be offered should you need them. We recommend bringing your own blankets and/or pillows for meditation.

Mandala Yoga 

Explorative | Enlightening | Flowing | Natural

Mandala yoga, is a practice that works towards a firm intention and is established on the four elements that bring connection between you and each of the Elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air.


Each of these elements have their corresponding Chakra and group of muscles. All four corners of the mat will be used during the class as you move your body in all directions, mimicking the non linear essence of nature. 

Yoga Body 

Strengthening | Toning | Energise | Extend | Invigorate | Activating

Yoga Body takes the essence of your yoga practice and incorporates a more western ‘physical’ approach. Focusing on strengthening and lengthening the muscles and deep tissues of the body, this class is a great way to bring together the yoga practice you love with  an energising workout for your whole being.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

Flowing | Energising | Dynamic | Flexibility | Strengthening | Focusing

Vinyasa classes offer a more dynamic style of practice, with a focus on linking asanas (yoga postures) in a flowing style, synchronised with the breath.

Inspired by the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, this class follows a flowing sequence to enhance endurance, flexibility and mental focus. 

Relaxation is offered at the end of every practice to balance and restore the mind and body. 

This fun style of class is great for students who like to like to challenge themselves and explore their physical and mental boundaries.

Power Vinyasa Yoga 

Warming | Strengthening | Focusing | Challenging | Intense | Flowing

Just like Vinyasa Flow, this yoga style takes inspiration from Ashtanga Yoga, but is not choreographed in set sequences.

Power Yoga classes vary as although classes follow a flow, poses are generally held for longer and focus more on building strength rather than flexibility which is more aligned with the moving fluidity of a Vinyasa Flow.

This is a challenging class, sure to focus the mind and build heat throughout the body.

We highly recommend the use of a yoga mat for your practice; we also recommend having a good selection of cushions and blankets to support your practice and add comfort throughout the class and especially during relaxation at the end.

It is good idea to wear comfortable layers that you can add or take off as required.

Yang & Yin Yoga 

Nourishing | Balancing | Fluid | Reviving | Wholesome | Grounding

Join us for this fabulous 90 minute practice incorporating a 60 minute active yang practice, followed by a luxurious 30 minute yin practice.


Based on the Taoist concept of Yin and Yang, the energy of 'yang' emphasises the active energetic aspect of self. This element of the class will incorporate flowing waves of movement and vinyasa style practice to build heat within.. 


Then comes the last 30 minutes... 


Yin Yoga adopts a slow-paced nourishing approach to practice incorporating supported postures and longer holds allowing the deep tissues of the body to relax fully and deepen flexibility.

Your Teacher will take you on through a restorative approach to your yoga practice, letting go of tension and welcoming in a sense of ease to have you leaving feeling revived and deeply nourished by your practice.

True Beginners Yoga

Explorative | Engaging | Easygoing | Foundations | Preparatory | Fundamentals

Foundations are everything… If you are new to your yoga practice, returning after a period away or would like an easy going class to work on your technique then this is for you. 


In this class we will be covering the foundations of traditional Hatha yoga in a way that is accessible and easy to modify for those who are just finding their way in their practice. We move from posture to posture, holding them long enough to explore and experience each fully before moving to the next.


Hatha yoga classes are based around the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breath techniques) and relaxation techniques in order to strengthen and bring peace to the body and mind.

Gentle Vinyasa Flow 

Fluid | Flexibility | Warming | Activating | Flowing | Focusing

This class is perfect for those who are building up to a full Vinyasa Flow or love the fluid nature of a flow but would like it slowed down and made slightly more accessible. 


We all start somewhere...  Gentle Vinyasa is a great way to develop strength, flexibility and mental focus in a safe and supportive environment. Expect to build heat within the body in a controlled way.

Gravity Yoga 

Nourishing | Passive | Releasing | Calming | Relaxing

Gravity Style Yoga is a deeply nourishing approach based around the use of passive yoga postures for deep stretching and release of the joints, tendons, fascia and deep tissues of the body.  

Whether you want to work on your flexibility, or simply unwind with a relaxing class this approach is a wonderful way to release physical and mental stress and welcome ease. 


All of the poses are passive which means they are based on using your own body weight and natural gravitational down force to deepen the pose. You are in control. 


We know that deeper release is more easily accessible when our bodies and our minds are relaxed, which is why there is a strong focus on calming breath techniques and cultivating a sense of serenity throughout. 


Take your time, unwind and enjoy experiencing your body opening up for you. 


This class is suitable for all experiences as poses can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Slow Flow Yoga 

Fluid | Flowing | Relaxing | Expanding | Lengthening | Uplifting

This is a relaxed approach to your flow - classes are choreographed around a sequence of poses that naturally ‘flow’ into one another with lots of focus on not just the pose (asana) itself, but the transition between each. 


This fluid approach is great for anyone who appreciates a gentler style of flow or is newer to the practice and looking to build up their technique and flexibility.

Restorative Yin Yoga 

Grounding | Opening | Lengthening | Releasing | Unwinding

Based on the Taoist concept of Yin and Yang, Yin Yoga adopts a slow-paced nourishing approach to practice incorporating supported postures and longer holds allowing the deep tissues of the body to relax fully and deepen flexibility.


Your Teacher will take you on through a restorative approach to your yoga practice, letting go of tension and welcoming in a sense of ease. 


Suitable for all, this mainly floor based class is great for students who strive for balance and reflection in their practice or prefer a restorative approach.

Hatha Yoga 

Balancing | Centring | Grounding | Stabilising | Immersive

The word Yoga loosely translates to ‘yoke’ or ‘to join’; Hatha Yoga aims to bring together the two energies of the body. Our traditional Hatha Yoga classes are based around a balanced practice of asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breath techniques) and meditation.


This class is a total immersion focusing on balancing the mind and body.Each of our talented Instructors bring their own style and flavour to their classes making each one a unique experience.


This style can be modified to suit beginners or students who prefer to explore a deeper mind/body practice. It is a slower practice than the Vinyasa or flow style classes so more accessible for those still building flexibility & coordination.


Strengthening | Stabilising | Controlling | Focusing | Relaxing

Our holistic approach to Pilates combines the deep 'core' stabilising effects of the physical practice together with relaxation and mindfulness. Pilates is a method of exercise that consists of low-impact muscular strength and flexibility. This class emphasises proper postural alignment, core strength and muscular balance.

Pilates Body 

Strengthening | Toning | Co-ordinating | Focusing | Warming

Pilates Body is a class designed to work the entire body using more advanced variations of the classical Pilates repertoire. This class will help you improve strength, tone, flexibility and coordination. This fun and energising class is perfect for those wishing to take their Pilates practice to the next level.


Relaxing | Calming | Awareness | Understanding | Reflective | Nurturing

Meditation isn’t the process of changing or challenging oneself; it is simply the practice of bringing awareness in to your daily life. 

By practicing deeper awareness of your thoughts and feelings through guided sessions, you are able to better understand and learn to recognise your daily thoughts and feelings without judgement. 


Meditation is a deeply relaxing and grounding spiritual practice that will not only support your mind-body classes; regular meditation can enhance all aspects of your life bringing clarity, awareness and peacefulness to all situations.